Sikh Pilgrimage Visa

Welcome to Sikh pilgrims in Pakistan!

Sikh Pilgrimage Tour to Pakistan is a spiritual Journey to purify one’s soul and submit themselves to their God. Like every other religion, Sikhism has some places where Sikhs visit to purify themselves. Pakistan is rich with Sikh heritage and with the number of most sacred and historical Gurdwaras of the sub-continent. The founder of Sikh religion, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in Pakistan. Spent most of his life time here and demised in the same region. More than ninety percent of all the holy Sikh shrines are in Pakistan. There are so many Gurudwaras and other Sikh historical places to see in Pakistan that one need quite a long tour to visit all of them. We have the experience to design the Sikh Pilgrimage Tour to Pakistan in a way that you can visit the most important and sacred Gurdwaras during your short visit of Pilgrimage Tour to Pakistan in groups from 20 to 100 travellers, according to groups own choice.

We provide expedited Visa processing and approval letter from Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbabdhak Committee, Lahore, Pakistan for all Canadian Citizens and Immigrants residing in Canada.

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