Passport and Visa

We are the service provider of many consulates and embassies and we also provide services for the Pakistan Consulate, Toronto, to facilitate Canadian Citizens and immigrants of Pakistan origin.

​​• MRP Passport renewal
• Visa Issuance
• Attestation of Documents
• Police verification
• Drivers License verification
• SNICOP Card Processing 
• Death Certificate & other Canadian Documents attestation from DEFAIT Ottawa • Passport Photos
• Notary service
• Translation (Urdu/English)
• Emergency Processing of Visa & Passport

To download the forms and instruction details Click here or go to Downloads Page

The processing of SNICOP (Smart National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis), Machine Readable Passports, Driver License Verification, Attestation of Documents, Police Verification, Renunciation of Citizenship and other Pakistan related work are done at all our locations. We do all in-house processing of these works including photos, scanning of document and finger prints.