H R Services

We do not claim to be the best or one of the world class service provider, we try and make our client to be one of the best by providing them with the best of best candidate to suite their needs.
At “LinkOne” we help our clients build, manage and maintain world-class performance in terms of sales, marketing, management, IT, finance and production teams. We specialize in sourcing and arranging placement for Health care personnel; Hotel industry personnel and all other Industry work force. We very authentically say, “We specialize in smart people”

Our services include Executive Search, Outplacement and Managed HR Services. We also offer Corporate Consulting to help companies better manages their HR issues, and since we like to see individuals succeed, we also offer personalized Career Management counsel to success-oriented people.

We are not just Head Hunters, we offer a full range of services to help entrepreneurial organizations hire, retain and manage their people more effectively. Not only can we help you improve your team, we can often save you a considerable amount of your traditional resourcing costs. The major H.R. issue faced by any industry is retention, we help organizations identify, recruit and retain smart people. We also help smart people maximize their career potential. A full range of services are available and can be provided to our clients based on particular needs.
We specialize in people. Our recruiters come from corporate backgrounds and each has strong knowledge of their industry sector – but our real strength is our understanding of “people.” Each of our recruiters interviews thousands of individuals per year hence giving us a unique perspective. We can advise our client, who’s good, who’s not, and why. And we’re savvy to the intangible soft-skills that aren’t always evident on a resume. Our clients find our objectivity and insight invaluable and we utilize formal assessment tools for additional perspective.

Hiring and nurturing smart people is one of the most effective things that an employer can do to ensure the success of their organization. We help our client to do it better. And because we’re committed career counselors we are capable to help our clients to be smart about individual’s career too. We have all the capability and capacity to find the required individual or the work force that can make a difference in the success of the organization. Hence we’re totally committed to our clients’ success.
We also provide contractual and temporary work force for any industry.

Our business motto is “SMARTPEOPLE”, and how can we help you?